Colorado Springs Courtroom Experience

Auto Accident- Underinsured Motorists

Client was rear ended at an intersection in Colorado Springs. Other driver’s insurance company settled for an insufficient amount, considering client’s injuries, medical bills, and legal fees. His own insurance company refused to offer additional compensation under his underinsured motorist’s policy, claiming he was over exaggerating his symptoms and had pre- existing conditions. His insurance company did not even attempt to settle the case after the lawsuit was filed. We presented our case to an El Paso county jury of six, who awarded him $175,000 for his economic and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life on top of medical expenses. Client recovered policy limits and all of his court costs

Colorado Lawyer Roger J Lucas is a Personal Injury Attorney and Car Accident Lawyer serving the Colorado Springs and Denver Metro Areas, including Woodland Park, Pueblo, Golden and Boulder.  As a Colorado Springs Auto Accident Attorney, Mr. Lucas can assist you with pre-trial negotiations with insurance companies to try and settle your case before lengthy legal proceedings.  As a skilled Colorado Trial Lawyer and Negotiator, Mr. Lucas aggressively advocates on behalf of his clients’ interests to seek the justice they deserve.  If you need an aggressive attorney to fight for you in pre-trial settlement negotiations, Mr. Lucas is also an ADR and Mediation Attorney in Colorado who can assist with those proceedings and discussions.  The Law Office of Roger J Lucas, LLC is a Colorado Springs Criminal Tort and PI Practice handling a variety of Practice areas. Call today to schedule a free case consult on your employment matter. (719) 475-1600