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DUR- Misdemeanor DUI Probation Revocation

Client was charged with Driving under Restraint, alcohol related. Client was also facing a revocation of her DWAI probation, We were able to negotiate a dismissal of the new DUR alcohol related case, in exchange for an admission on the uncontestable probation violation. Client received a minimal sanction for the probation violation, with an agreement to revoke and regrant her misdemeanor probation.

Colorado Lawyer Roger J Lucas is an experienced and effective Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado Springs who has handled countless cases in El Paso and Teller counties.  As a Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer, Mr. Lucas handles the criminal proceeding in court, as well as the associated DMV proceeding regarding your driving privileges.  As a full service Criminal Trial and Appellate Lawyer in Colorado, Mr. Lucas assists not only with trials, but with administrative proceedings and post conviction relief, including probation violations.  If you need a Colorado Springs Criminal and DUI Attorney, Mr. Lucas can help.  Call (719) 475-1600.