Colorado Springs Courtroom Experience

Lease Dispute- Money Dispute

Client was overcharged by her landlord, who trumped up the utility charges for the rental property. Landlord hired an attorney and filed suit against client, hoping to bully her into submission. After reviewing the evidence and billing records, and asserting unlawful security deposit withholding, landlord agreed to dismiss case. Client avoided any kind of monetary judgment against her, as well as paying for the other attorney’s fees and court costs.

Colorado Springs Civil and Criminal Practice Lawyer Roger J Lucas can assist with your court matter.  As an experienced trial attorney handling thousands of cases in Colorado, Mr. Lucas has gained considerable experience in court during contested hearings and trials.  If you need a Colorado Real Estate Attorney to advocate on your behalf in a civil suit, Mr. Lucas can help.  H e is an experienced Colorado Springs Landlord Tenant Lawyer who assists both plaintiffs and defendants in pre-trial negotiations and appeals.