Colorado Springs Courtroom Experience

Obstruction- Resisting Arrest- Felony D/S Revo

Client was on a deferred sentence for a felony menacing case. While on the deferred, client was charged with obstructing a peace officer and resisting arrest, after an alleged incident at a downtown Colorado Springs bar. We argued that the police officers were profiling and did not have probable cause to restrain my client who did not do anything wrong, and was unlawfully grabbed and apprehended by the police. The trial court agreed with us and suppressed all the evidence after the illegal police contact, forcing the DA to dismiss the case for lack of any evidence to proceed on the charges as all alleged conduct on the part of my client after the police improperly grabbed him could not be used. The dismissal of the misdemeanor case in El Paso county court led to the dismissal of the felony deferred sentence revocation complaint, as the basis for the revo was solely the new case. Since client was otherwise in full compliance with the district court case, the DA also had to dismiss the revocation. Client was able to keep his record clean from convictions in both cases as his D/S was discharged as successfully completed. That was an effective use of a Motion to Suppress under the Fourth Amendment for an illegal search and seizure

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