Colorado Springs Courtroom Experience

Petty Theft- Shoplifting- Federal Court

Client was charged with petty theft charged in Federal Court. Case was heard in the Colorado Springs federal court location. After aggressive negotiations, the Air Force JAG prosecutor offered a deferred prosecution with 10 hours useful public service and a theft class to allow my out of state client to keep her record clean. Client was able to perform conditions in her home state and submit proof of completion by mail.

Colorado Springs Criminal and PI Lawyer Roger J Lucas can help you with your criminal matter in state or federal courts.  As a former government lawyer, Mr. Lucas has represented thousands of clients over the last decade in El Paso and Teller Counties, becoming an established Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney.  He is a skilled Colorado Theft Crime Defense Attorney, handling dozens of theft, burglary, and ID Theft cases. He handles petty offenses and probation revocations as well.  Or if you need assistance with a DMV licensing, or other professional licensing proceeding, Mr. Lucas is also an Administrative Law Attorney in Colorado.  Contact him today to schedule your consultation.