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Warranty of Habitability- Tenant’s Rights

Clients rented a house that they did not realize was not up to code before taking possession. Upon move in, clients realized the uninhabitable condition of the house. Their abusive landlord was also breaching their right to quiet enjoyment. Client’s perfected their claim under Colorado’s Warranty of Habitability laws and moved out of the property a month into the lease term. After filing suit, landlord offered an acceptable settlement for breaching the warranty of habitability and client’s were able to break the lease without any monetary penalty.

Colorado Attorney and Real Estate Lawyer Roger J Lucas assists clients in civil litigation matters.  As a Colorado Springs Landlord Tenant Lawyer, Mr. Lucas has handled dozens of matters on behalf of landlords and tenants.  He handles FED, Warranty of Habitability, and Security Deposit Disputes.  If you are looking for a Colorado General Practice Lawyer to assist with your housing dispute, contact him today.