Colorado Springs Courtroom Experience

Wrongful Security Deposit Withholding

Clients were sued by their crazy tenants for allegedly withholding their security deposit unlawfully. Clients maintained that they were justified in withholding the security deposit based on the damages that the tenants had caused to their property. Tenants insisted on improperly trying to profit off of my clients, making several false claims against them. After the tenant plaintiffs presented their case to the Colorado Springs county court judge, I effectively cross examined their evidence to demonstrate how bogus their claims were. Trial Judge agreed and granted our motion for directed verdict, without my clients even having to testify or produce any evidence.

Colorado Springs Criminal and Civil Litigation Lawyer Roger J Lucas can assist with your court matter or monetary dispute.  As an experienced trial attorney handling thousands of cases in Colorado, Mr. Lucas has gained considerable experience in court during contested hearings and trials, as well as pre-trial negotiations with adverse parties.  If you need a Colorado Real Estate Attorney to advocate on your behalf in a civil suit as either a plaintiff or defendant, Attorney Lucas can help.  H e is an experienced Colorado Springs Landlord Tenant Attorney who assists both landlords and tenants in pre-trial negotiations and post trial executions of judgment.  Call today (719) 475-1600