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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s vital that you work with an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer who can help you through the system of prosecutors and probation officers who stand in your way.


Are you feeling discriminated against at work?  Do you think you are facing housing discrimination? If you feel you may have a discrimination claim against an employer or landlord, Colorado Criminal and Civil Litigation Attorney Roger J Lucas can help you through the challenges you face. Having felt the adverse effects of unlawful discrimination himself, Colorado...

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are often particularly difficult because the parties involved undoubtedly have a prior close relationship. If you’re charged with an act of domestic violence, it’s critical you choose a domestic violence defense attorney to represent you with ample experience, including plenty of time in court, to help you through the process. Colorado Criminal Attorney...


Colorado State takes DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) seriously, including driving under the influence of prescription and non-prescription drugs.  With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana, the enforcement of DUI and DUID laws in Colorado is still evolving.  If you are charged with a DUI/D or DWAI/D, call Colorado Springs DUI...

Employment & Labor

Are you looking for a Colorado Attorney for assistance with an employment and labor issue?  Do you need help with an OSHA claim, Unemployment Benefits Appeal, Wage Dispute, or Title VII Discrimination or Retaliation claims? Are you an employer looking for an attorney to review your workplace policies and procedures? If so, we can help you...

General Practice / Trial Lawyer

Former Government Attorney Roger J. Lucas handles general civil litigation matters and legal disputes at cost conscious rates, with an eye on results, not your pocket book. His extensive courtroom and trial experience allows him to handle a diversity of matters in multiple different forums, including agency proceedings, court proceedings, administrative court proceedings, and appeals.  He assists clients throughout  Colorado, including Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver, Boulder, Golden, Canon City and Fort Collins.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases can be devastating physically, emotionally, and financially. An accident victim not only has to deal with the pain and trauma of the original event, but also must deal with all the aftereffects including continued physical pain and suffering, a mountain of medical bills, and loss of income. If you have been injured by someone else, contact personal injury lawyer Roger J. Lucas serving Denver and Colorado Springs to help you through your unfortunate situation.  He has extensive litigation experience, including dealing with Worker's Compensation and OSHA claims, and will fight aggressively to get you what you deserve.

Real Estate

Corporations of all sizes need accountability and governance. Often, advisory boards are set up to insure the smooth running, ethics adherence, and transparency in corporations. A subcategory of corporate governance is HOAs, or Homeowners Associations, which are often set up as not for profit corporations. Colorado Springs Litigation and Trial Lawyer Roger J Lucas has experience serving on the Board of Directors for an HOA and in dealing with all the issues that arise related to this type of corporate governance. He assists both HOA's and Homeowners in Colorado Springs, Denver, and the surrounding areas.

Workers Compensation

Colorado Workers Compensation Attorney Roger J Lucas handles workplace injury and occupational exposure cases.   If you were injured on the job or suffered from long term occupational exposure, contact personal injury lawyer and employment attorney Roger J. Lucas serving Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver to help get what you what you deserve. He has extensive litigation experience and can leverage your...