Drug Offenses: Possession / Distribution

Have you been charged with drug possession or drug distribution charges in Colorado?  Criminal Attorney Roger J Lucas based out of Colorado Springs can help you through the challenges you face and can explain your legal rights to you.  Drug Offenses in Colorado are treated slightly differently than most other criminal offenses, falling under the Drug Misdemeanor (DM) and Drug Felony (DF) classifications.  If you have no prior history and are charged with a drug offense in Colorado, it may be possible to work out a resolution to keep your record clean, even if you do not want to take your chances at trial to secure not guilty verdicts.

Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney Roger J. Lucas’ passion is for protecting individual rights and advocating for those who need his help the most, having handled thousands of criminal cases in Colorado Springs over the last decade. He serves clients in Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, Pueblo, Denver, Boulder, and all the surrounding areas in the Front Range in all areas of criminal law including handling hundreds of drug possession and distribution cases as a former government lawyer in El Paso County.

Colorado Springs Drug Offense Attorney Roger J. Lucas Can Advocate for You

In criminal cases involving drug charges such as simple possession, a straightforward distribution, or even more complex distribution cases involving elaborate conspiracy theories and manufacturing schemes, assessing law enforcement’s probable cause to investigate you and your background and activities is extremely important as a lack of PC can often be used to suppress incriminating evidence in the case.  By suppressing the prosecution’s available evidence, effective criminal defense attorneys can leverage plea negotiations by affecting the trial’s potential outcomes even before presenting the case to a jury.

Drug offenses in Colorado are classified as DM misdemeanors and DF felonies.  If you have no prior criminal history and are charged with a lower level Drug Felony, it may be possible to work out a plea disposition to ultimately avoid having a felony conviction, or even a misdemeanor conviction, avoiding the long term adverse consequences of having a criminal record.

Colorado Criminal Lawyer Roger J. Lucas can help you through the entire criminal proceeding. He will explain everything to you in a simple and straightforward manner, including explaining the potential evidence in the case, as well as the likelihood of prevailing at trial.  By assessing your chances of successfully defending against the charges levied in the case, you can better understand whether you want to take a plea deal, or present the case to a jury.  If you need assistance with post-conviction matters, including sentence reconsiderations, or sealing your criminal records, the Law Office of Roger J Lucas, LLC can assist with that as well.

A Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyer serving Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Denver

Mr. Lucas’ always strives to make the process as painless of an experience as possible. Criminal proceedings are even more prone to high stress given the implications of having a criminal record on all other aspects of your life.  Mr. Lucas will do what he can to secure a way to help safeguard your future, including advising you on potential adverse employment possibilities and immigration consequences in the event of a conviction.

If you believe you were wrongfully charged and want to fight your case through trial, Mr. Lucas’ extended experience as a courtroom and trial lawyer is what you need to back you in your case.  Having handled over 80 jury trials in his career, Mr. Lucas offers exceptional representation to you as a winning trial attorney.

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As a Colorado Springs Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney  Mr. Lucas has substantial experience handling Drug and DUI cases in El Paso and Teller counties including handling the associated administrative DMV proceedings and appeals to District Court regarding state driving privileges. Call him today to assist with your felony, misdemeanor, or petty traffic offenses. When you need a criminal defense attorney, you want one who has the experience and the commitment to stand by your side and see your case through to the end. Don’t delay. Call the Law Office of Roger J. Lucas for a criminal lawyer serving Colorado Springs and Denver today at 719-475-1600.