Post-Conviction / Probation / Appeals

Are you dealing with probation violations or want to challenge a trial conviction?  Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney Roger J Lucas handles all aspects of the criminal process in Colorado in both state and federal courts.  He is admitted to practice at both the Colorado Court of Appeals, the Colorado Supreme Court, the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Colorado Springs Criminal Lawyer, Roger J. Lucas has handled thousands of criminal matters in Colorado as a former government attorney handling cases in El Paso and Teller Counties with a proven record of success. His extensive trial and litigation experience allows him to handle a diversity of matters, and to set up the case for post-conviction and appellate remedies.  If you had an unfortunate outcome at the trial or administrative level, and are dealing with post-conviction issues, Colorado Attorney Roger J Lucas can assist you with those matters. He handles cases in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver, Boulder, Golden, Canon City and Fort Collins.

Experienced Criminal Attorney Handles All Aspects of Criminal Defense Including Post Conviction and Appeals

Colorado Criminal Defense and Appellate Attorney Roger J Lucas can represent you at the hearing and trial level, as well as assist with post-conviction matters and appeals, should you not prevail in the first round of your fight for justice.

An effective trial attorney will properly preserve issues for appellate review, in the event that the trial proceedings don’t go in defense’s favor.  That provides you with an option to pursue post-conviction remedies with a higher probability of success.  Even if you lose at the trial, an effective presentation of the mitigating circumstances presented in your case, as well as the likelihood of reversal on appeal can make a huge difference in the potential sentence a defendant receives.  If you work with Colorado Springs Attorney Lucas, you can be assured your case will be argued zealously at all stages of your proceeding.

Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney Roger J. Lucas can help you through post-conviction matters to try and get a sentence reduction or even reversal on appeal.  When you work with the Law Office of Roger J Lucas, LLC the fight never stops, until all available options have been exhausted.

Proven Criminal Attorney Handles Probation, Bond Violations and Arrest Warrants in El Paso, Teller, Pueblo, Denver, Boulder, Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties

Mr. Lucas can assist you through the process of quashing an outstanding warrant and arguing for a bond reduction to get you out of jail.  He will assist you in dealing with your court appearances and necessary pre-trial matters, including obtaining all your discovery, and evaluating the evidence for any potential suppression issues.  After trial, Mr. Lucas can help with motions for new trial, sentence re-considerations, and appeals, as well as probation and parole revocations.

Available by phone, email, or text, Mr. Lucas will explain the circumstances of your case to you and advise you on the best course of action, including what your post-conviction remedies and rights are.

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As a Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney and DUI Lawyer, Mr. Lucas has handled thousands criminal matters, from every stage of the proceeding. Attorney Lucas offers a free initial consultation on all criminal matters, including petty, misdemeanor, and felony level offenses, and offers affordable fixed rates for his services, as well as reasonable payment options. Call the Law Office of Roger J. Lucas, LLC serving Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Boulder and Denver. (719) 475-1600.