Sex Offenses / Child Abuse

Sex crimes under any state’s laws, including Colorado’s are extremely harsh as with violent crimes.  If you are charged with and convicted of a sex offense, you may be required to submit to registration requirements for many years, even if you move, in addition to the potential lifelong incarceration time and treatment requirements.

Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney, Roger J. Lucas has handled numerous sex offense cases during his time as a government lawyer. His courtroom and trial experience allows him to effectively analyze your criminal matter, including sex offense cases, and recommend and execute a prudent course of action.  He handles matters in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Woodland Park, Pueblo, Pueblo West, the Denver Metro area, and Fort Collins and Brighton.

Sex Crimes and Criminal Lawyer Roger J. Lucas Can Defend and Uphold Your Constitutional Rights

Sex offenses can be rough to deal with, not just with the potential incarceration, but with the registration and treatment requirements imposed if you get a conviction.  If you have a defensible case, its important to properly leverage all the mitigating circumstances and weaknesses in the evidence to either avoid the conviction altogether, or to plead it down to minimize the consequences and impact on your life, career, and housing situations, not to mention immigration consequences if you are not legally in the States.

Colorado law dealing with sex offenses can impose a potential sentence to the DOC for an indeterminate period of time if the reviewing board still feels that the defendant I still a threat to society based on their evaluations and a mental health examiner’s recommendations.  The law can also impose lifelong registration requirements even if you move out of state.

Colorado Sex Crimes and Criminal Defense Lawyer Roger J. Lucas can help you through the challenges you face. He thoughtfully assesses your situation and explains the process to you, contacting you when necessary to address and answer your concerns.

A Trusted Criminal Attorney Handling Child Abuse and Sex Offense Cases in Colorado Springs and Denver Metro areas

Mr. Lucas can assist you through the process of dealing with your court appearances and necessary pre-trial and post trial evaluations.  He As a former government lawyer, Mr. Lucas assisted hundred of cases involving sex offenses, including sex assaults, statutory rape.

If you want your day in Court to tell your side of the story to the Judge or Jury, Mr. Lucas’ years of experience as a trial lawyer can maximize your chances of success.  Mr. Lucas has handled countless jury trials in Colorado Springs and Cripple creek, and has developed exceptional courtroom presence over the years.  He has dealt with the players involved in these types of criminal cases, both in and out of the courtroom.

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As a Colorado Springs Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence Lawyer, Mr. Lucas has handled thousands of misdemeanor and felony matters, including dozens of sex offense and child abuse cases . He has dealt with the special evaluations and considerations of having to deal with these particular types of situations. Contact him to discuss the sensitive matters you need to deal with in your case. Call the Law Office of Roger J. Lucas, LLC for a respected and trusted criminal defense lawyer assisting clients in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Denver. (719) 475-1600.