Violent Crimes: Deadly Weapons / SBI Assault / Homicides

Are you facing Assault or Homicide Charges?  Colorado’s laws on violent crimes are particularly strict, requiring mandatory prison sentences for these more serious offenses.  An experienced trial lawyer can help you ensure you are not wrongfully accused and convicted for these crimes.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado Springs, Roger J. Lucas has represented thousands of clients, including hundreds of cases involving violent crimes, such as assaults and even murder cases, resolving countless matters in his clients’ favor. He handles matters in El Paso, Teller, and Pueblo counties, including Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, Pueblo West, and the Front Range areas surrounding Denver and Boulder.

Violent Crimes and Criminal Defense Attorney Roger J. Lucas Can Fight for You

Critical to violent crimes cases is not only examining law enforcement’s potential misconduct during the investigation and discovery process, but also assessing for potential mitigating circumstances warranting leniency in sentencing during plea negotiations.

Colorado’s crimes of violence laws require sentences imposed in the aggravated or enhanced ranges, with mandatory sentences of 5-16 years DOC, or even 10 to 32 being common in Colorado for convictions in these types of cases.  Arguing potential mental health considerations to support not guilty by reason of insanity defenses, or NGRI, can avoid these prison sentences by having a defendant treated at a mental health facility instead until complete mental restoration can be achieved.  A skilled trial attorney who can work an NGRI defense can also use those litigation skills to advocate for reduced charges that don’t even warrant mandatory prison, but allow for sentences to probation with minimal jail time and mental health outpatient treatment.

Colorado Criminal Lawyer Roger J. Lucas can help you through the entire criminal proceeding. He will aggressively argue any potential evidentiary issues to leverage pretrial negotiations with the DA.  He will carefully assess and recommend any alternative routes to trial, such as submitting potential mental health or mental impairment defenses and mitigating circumstances.  Mr. Lucas is also a post conviction, probation, and appellate matters attorney and can assist you with sentence reconsiderations, and sealings and expungements if that’s what you need.

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Mr. Lucas’ strives to reduce the amount of stress you are facing in dealing with your case. With such high stakes, these types of cases are always high stress, given how much time you can spend incarcerated at the DOC or county jail.  Mr. Lucas always does what he can to minimize your risks.

If you want your day in Court to tell your side of the story to the Judge or Jury, Mr. Lucas’ years of experience as a trial lawyer is what you need.  Having handled over 80 jury and court trials in his career, Mr. Lucas is exceptional in the courtroom.

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As a Colorado Springs Criminal Defense and Domestic Violence Lawyer, Mr. Lucas has handled thousands of misdemeanor and felony assault matters, including hundreds of cases involving COV charges. He has taken dozens of misdemeanor and felony cases to trial, including countless assaults, and even first degree murder charges. Call him today to assist with your felony, misdemeanor, or probation revocation matter to discuss your options in your predicament. Don’t delay. Call the Law Office of Roger J. Lucas for a trusted and experienced criminal attorney serving Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, Pueblo, and Denver.  719-475-1600.