Are you feeling discriminated against at work?  Do you think you are facing housing discrimination? If you feel you may have a discrimination claim against an employer or landlord, Colorado Criminal and Civil Litigation Attorney Roger J Lucas can help you through the challenges you face.

Having felt the adverse effects of unlawful discrimination himself, Colorado Springs Attorney Lucas is committed to using his trial and litigation experience to fight discrimination in the workplace and in housing. His passion for this area of law fueled him to write and submit a Petition for Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court in an effort to change this area of law in his own employment discrimination case when he first began his legal career many years ago. Now, he fights discrimination in employment and housing by assisting plaintiff’s against their employers or other adverse parties in Colorado Springs and Denver.  Mr. Lucas also fights discrimination by assisting employers through appropriate counseling and planning of their personnel polices and procedures to eliminate potential discriminatory practices.

Colorado Discrimination Attorney Roger J Lucas Help You Through Your Discrimination Situation

As with many employment and housing issues, dealing with governmental agencies is a part of the process. Colorado Attorney Lucas has experience dealing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD) and can assist you with filing your initial claims through these government agencies, a necessary step if you want to pursue a discrimination claim.  Carefully presenting your claims through these agencies may help avert lengthy litigation proceedings by reaching an early resolution of your dispute.

Discrimination claims can be extremely tricky to win given that the employer and landlord are almost always in a superior position to the claimant, who must fight hard to obtain the evidence to prove their claims. The difficulty in presenting a case is in proving that the employer or landlord did indeed discriminate against you, whether that was during the hiring phase, during work, or at time of termination, or during the housing applicant screening process. A skilled trial lawyer with ample trial experience can identify the evidence you need to make your case. Mr. Lucas has logged thousands of hours in Colorado’s courtrooms handling thousands of matters as a former government lawyer. Now his litigation skills can work to your advantage.

Call Colorado Discrimination Lawyer Roger J. Lucas in Colorado Springs to Schedule your Initial Case Evaluation

Colorado Employment and Labor Lawyer Roger J Lucas offers a low cost initial case evaluation on discrimination matters arising under sate or federal law.  If your case is valid, Attorney Lucas may be willing to assist on a contingent fee basis.  For More Information contact his office today at 719-475-1600.

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