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Are you looking for a Colorado Attorney for assistance with an employment and labor issue?  Do you need help with an OSHA claim, Unemployment Benefits Appeal, Wage Dispute, or Title VII Discrimination or Retaliation claims? Are you an employer looking for an attorney to review your workplace policies and procedures? If so, we can help you through those challenges you may face.

Colorado Springs Criminal and Civil Attorney Roger J Lucas handles various employment and labor issues for both employees and employers.  As an experienced litigator, Mr. Lucas can help you with your workplace disputes and issues, including wage disputes, workplace injury claims, or unlawful employment practices claims. He can assist you with various proceedings before governmental agencies including issues arising from violations of the Department of Labor standards and orders, or violations of state and federal anti-discrimination laws.  Colorado Attorney Lucas can assist you with claims filed with Worker’s Compensation, OSHA, and Unemployment Benefits Denials/Appeals to the Industrial Claims Appeals Board.

Colorado Attorney Roger J Lucas can Assist with Your Employment and Labor Issue, including Workers Compensation, OSHA, and Unemployment Benefits Claims

As a former government lawyer, Mr. Lucas has gained invaluable courtroom experience during the thousands of hours spent in  court handling various hearings and trials. The ability to litigate effectively to present a client’s arguments and positions is critical in resolving any type of civil dispute favorably, including often contentious and uncomfortable workplace disputes between well leveraged employers against the little employee. Having an experienced litigation and trial attorney walking you through the process can relieve an unbelievable amount of stress while further advancing your position, given your often unfortunate circumstances.

As an experienced litigator and Colorado Administrative Law Attorney, Roger J Lucas can assist you with your employment issues involving government agencies, including OSHA claims for unsafe and hazardous workplace conditions, contesting a denial of your unemployment benefits, or assistance with your workers compensation claims for your workplace injuries.  Hiring a Colorado Workers Compensation Lawyer like Mr. Lucas can help maximize your chances of obtaining fair recovery.

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