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For many professions, losing your license means losing your livelihood. Disciplinary investigations can be launched for a variety of reasons, including complaints from customers, patients, or peers. A disciplinary investigation is a serious matter that can have long-term consequences on your livelihood and your reputation.

When you’re facing a disciplinary matter related to your licensing, you’re dealing with a complex area of the law known as Administrative Law. Don’t try to navigate it alone. Call Colorado General Practice Attorney Roger J. Lucas to help you with your licensing issues. He’s experienced in handling administrative law matters and will represent you in your disciplinary proceeding. He works with clients in the Colorado Springs and Denver metro areas.

Colorado Administrative Law Attorney Roger J Lucas Can Help You Save Your Professional License

Administrative government agencies issue licenses and permits to both individuals (like doctors, chiropractors, or realtors) and businesses (like bail bondsmen, nursing homes, or bars). State licensing ensures that individuals have a minimum amount of education or training to perform their jobs. It also ensures that businesses and individuals alike maintain a certain standard of service. This protects both the public and the professional or businessperson.

If you’ve already been licensed but are in danger or losing your license or have had it revoked, you need someone on your side to advocate for you. Attorney Roger J. Lucas can be that advocate in front of the administrative boards that will decide your future. He will help you present your case in the best possible light.

Call Colorado Attorney Roger J. Lucas for Representation at Your Administrative Hearing

Do you have questions about licensing or administrative law, or have you tried and failed to successfully handle a licensing matter yourself? If so, call the Colorado Criminal and Civil Litigation Attorney Roger J. Lucas at 719-475-1600 and set up a time for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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