HOA / Corporate Governance

Corporations of all sizes need accountability and governance. Often, advisory boards are set up to insure the smooth running, ethics adherence, and transparency in corporations. A subcategory of corporate governance is HOAs, or Homeowners Associations, which are often set up as not for profit corporations.  Colorado Springs Litigation and Trial Lawyer Roger J Lucas has experience serving on the Board of Directors for an HOA and in dealing with all the issues that arise related to this type of corporate governance.  He assists both HOA’s and Homeowners in Colorado Springs, Denver, and the surrounding areas.

Colorado Litigation Attorney Assists with Homeowners Associations Disputes

Many people buying houses or condos in a development must join and pay dues to the development’s HOA. It sets and enforces rules about the conduct of the homeowners in the community, like whether you can park a boat in your driveway, whether you can paint your house bright pink, and whether you are restricted from making noise at certain times. While they may restrict what you can do, the flip side is that you are protected from your neighbors’ bad behavior.

As legal entities, HOAs have the power to enforce the rules they set. They can impose fines on rule breakers, and in some cases of refusal to pay, they can force the sale of the home.

If you are a homeowner having issues with your HOA, or an HOA having issues with a homeowner, contact an HOA attorney with experience in this complicated area of the law. Roger J. Lucas has experience handling both sides of HOA disputes.

HOA Attorney Roger J. Lucas Serves Colorado Springs and Denver

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