Landlord Tenant

Landlord Tenant Law has special considerations over and beyond simple contract law dealing specifically with the Landlord-Tenant relationship.  Colorado General Practice and Litigation Attorney Roger J. Lucas has experience on both sides of this dynamic.  He represents both landlords and tenants in cases in Colorado Springs and Denver as well as the surrounding areas.  Let him help you through whatever dispute you may be having.

Colorado Springs Litigation Attorney Handles Evictions and Warranty of Habitability Issues

A common landlord-tenant dispute concerns eviction. A landlord has to follow a procedure dictated by Colorado State law in order to legally remove a tenant from the premises. A landlord is not allowed to engage in self-help remedies such as changing the locks to keep a tenant out, for example. If they do, they can be sued for damages.

Landlord-tenant disputes also commonly arise when the landlord has not fulfilled their duties and the tenant suffers for it. The landlord is responsible for the upkeep of the property and must maintain the grounds, building, and equipment, and must make repairs within a reasonable amount of time. Failure to maintain adequate condition can lead to injury, property damage, and more.

A tenant may also have a case against a landlord if they feel discriminated against, and a landlord may be subject to liability for this improper conduct.

Call Landlord Tenant Attorney Roger J. Lucas in Colorado Springs for Affordable Assistance

If you have a landlord-tenant issue, call Colorado Real Estate and HOA Attorney Roger J Lucas for prompt assistance. Due to the extremely high volume of calls, Landlord-Tenant Initial Consultations are limited to 10-15 minutes by phone and are intended to cover general questions only. If you need assistance with a pending court matter, or to review your lease agreement or other documents, or have other specific questions about a pending dispute, Mr. Lucas offers a low cost legal advice and counseling session up to 1.5 hours to assist you with your landlord tenant issues.  Colorado Real Estate Lawyer Roger J Lucas assists clients in the Colorado Springs and Denver Metro areas and he’s ready to help you. Call him today at 719-475-1600 for further details.