Workers Compensation

Colorado Workers Compensation Attorney Roger J Lucas handles workplace injury and occupational exposure cases.   If you were injured on the job or suffered from long term occupational exposure, contact personal injury lawyer and employment attorney Roger J. Lucas serving Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver to help get what you what you deserve. He has extensive litigation experience and can leverage your negotiations with the workers compensation insurance companies.

Colorado Springs Workers Compensation Lawyer Roger J. Lucas Can Walk You Through the Claims Process

Because liability is typically not an issue in most workers comp claims, the main issue in dispute often centers on the claimants extent of injuries. Like all PI claims, there are deadlines to provide appropriate notice to certain parties, to avoid penalties and loss of potential claims. If you wait too long, you may still able to recover damages, but not as much as if you had timely acted. That’s why it’s important to speak with PI or workers comp attorney ASAP.  An Experienced Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorney such as Mr. Lucas can ensure you handle your claim properly to maximize your recovery.

Don’t let the insurance company minimize your damages claim and force you to take whatever inadequate settlement terms they see fit.  Don’t be bullied by their IME Examiners claiming you are simply over exaggerating your symptoms or had pre-existing injuries to shortchange your claims. Any settlement you work out should be enough to cover whatever out of pocket medical expenses you may have incurred, plus both past and future lost income, on top of pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Call For a Free Consultation on Your Workers Comp Claim with an Experienced Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer and Employment Attorney

Just like any legal claim, finding the right workers compensation attorney should not be a quick and rash decision.  Try and find an attorney you feel comfortable communicating and working with. Colorado Workers Comp Attorney Roger J. Lucas is skilled in negotiations and litigation, and will do what it takes to fight for your right to just compensation. Call the Law Office of Roger J. Lucas today at 719-475-1600 for your free case consultation.